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Meet Dolby 

Board Certified Coach (BCC), Masters and Ph.D. in Metaphysics Certified ICF Life Coach, Bachelor in Psychology.

When it comes to psychology/wisdom, I have traveled many long roads, and I have great compassion for the soul’s calling. I love working with people, watching them empower themselves as they gain the inner-knowing about themselves...

I will not rescue you

For you are not powerless

I will not fix you

For you are not broken

I will not heal you

For I see you in your wholeness

I will walk with you through the darkness

As you remember your light.


Medicine Woman's Prayer

Trauma Therapy
Lightbulb Love Letters

The power of Commitment

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be intimidating, but it is necessary for personal growth.

To make a successful change, viewing it as a commitment to yourself rather than solely relying on self-discipline and willpower is crucial.

Commitment is the key to transforming your promises, aspirations, and goals into reality.

If you genuinely want to achieve your objectives, you must wholeheartedly commit to yourself and your aspirations. 

Pay attention to when you fall into the "if only" mindset to develop this kind of commitment. Rather than that, try to adopt an "I can do this" attitude.

If you don't feel passionate about your goal, it may not be right for you. 

Remember, commitment brings freedom, not restriction.

Committing to yourself and your dreams will give you focus, purpose, power, and freedom. 

You'll be free from self-sabotage, confusion, and ambivalence by committing. You'll have the space to be yourself and live to the fullest.

Commitment unlocks your imagination and allows you to turn your dreams into reality. Stay true to yourself and your goals, even if those around you disapprove.

Reality Therapy

“Dolby is an amazing woman, who has given me her wisdom, her experience, and her knowledge, on so many levels. She has the ability to teach in a way that you can learn, and grow, and heal. She has a way that truly helps you find a path that gets you past the things that are difficult to let go of. . . Things that ultimately get in our way to find happiness, success, and peace of mind. . . She is a strong, independent, and courageous woman, who I admire and respect. She doesn't sugar coat things, and she doesn't allow you to use your own excuses for behaviors that don't work. She is real, and opens your eyes to the things we do as individuals that hinder our ability to move forward. She has an insight that touches you in a way that opens your mind to change. She has a way of adapting your disfunctional thinking process, into a more productive path. . . She would be an asset in any field, especially one that helps people in a compassionate yet realistic way. . . She is a gift.”

- Cynthia M

“Dolby Dubrow has been coaching me for several years now and I don't know what I would do without her. And she's compassionate, empathetic, down-to-earth, funny and full of amazing metaphors for so many situations in my life. I could literally share anything with her. From some of the most complex psychological issues that I have dealt with my whole life, to seemingly simple issues of envy or self-esteem, to my struggles with my dying father, to tracking down the right information and making decisions about my breast cancer, down to my breakdowns when I simply don't know how to pay the bills. She always gets me on track and helps me see things objectively, and keeps me on track when I'm way off my path. She's totally unique in her no BS personality and approach and I don't know that I could ever go back to a traditional therapist after having coaching with Dolby Dubrow.”

- Randi J

“I met Dolby through some friends and I had few session with her since I was at a time of my life I was very stressed out and needed to find myself. She was a great help to channel my energy and help me take some decisions. She is a great support and work very well with young people. She has a young and open mind which helped me a lot. I highly recommend Dolby.”

- Camille T

"Dolby is a Master as a leader when working with people on a personal and professional level. She loves encouraging and teaching others to create exactly what they desire in life. She gets right to the point in helping you learn to believe in yourself without hesitation. Over the years that I've known Dolby, I've seen her obtain and help other individuals get exactly what they want, very quickly! She has shared her knowledge in helping me become even wiser and more self-reliant in my thinking. She has also taught me to accept myself and others for who they are as beautiful, very powerful human beings. Dolby is determined, committed, and will stay very focused on helping you create your desires in life; I genuinely believe in her as a friend, mentor, and life coach. Get ready!"

Love you Dolby

- Bella J

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