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Meet Dolby Dharma

Bachelor in Psychology, Masters, and Ph.D. in Metaphysics Certified ICF Life Coach, Board Certified Coach (BCC)

When it comes to psychology/wisdom, I have traveled many long roads, and I have great compassion for the soul's calling.

I love working with people, watching them empower themselves as they gain inner strength about themselves.

My specialty is in 'Transformational Coaching,' to transform oneself into the person they feel called to express.

Many times in our lives, we feel restless and want to make a shift, take a different path but are not sure how to uncover the answers within.
I am non-traditional; I believe that 'normal' is subjective, together we can explore who you are, live your life in a way that you shine, feel empowered because you are unique. My service with you is to help you change how you see yourself to how you want to experience yourself: to embody peace, joy, and equanimity. I love what I do.

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