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Meet Dolby Dharma

Bachelor in Psychology, Masters, and Ph.D. in Metaphysics Certified ICF Life Coach, Board Certified Coach (BCC)

Regarding psychology/wisdom and self-awareness, I have traveled many long roads, and I have great compassion for the soul's calling. 

With that said, I've developed my way of working with people over the 30+ years wrapped up in intuition and my understanding of the human condition, energy, and the nature of the mind and self-awareness.

Through my intense inner work and overcoming personal struggles and challenges, I can help others from an authentic place.

I know what it's like to struggle, and I also know what it's like to come into alignment and live as a free and empowered being.

I love working with people and watching them empower themselves as they gain inner strength about themselves.

Many times in our lives, we feel restless and want to make a shift or take a different path but need help figuring out how to get there.
I am non-traditional; I believe that 'normal' is subjective; together, we can explore and live your life in a way that you shine and feel empowered because you are unique. My service with you is to help you change how you see yourself to how you want to experience yourself: to embody peace, joy, and equanimity. I love what I do.

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