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You can only meet yourself in the mindset you believe yourself to be!

Start with yourself

Our beliefs about ourselves, relationships, love, and life are all connected. Throughout our lives, we develop certain beliefs that dictate how we react and behave in certain situations.

 These patterns are especially evident in our relationships, as we must relate to others to experience anything. It's important to remember that everything and everyone around us is a reflection of ourselves. 

By understanding this, we can avoid blaming or judging others and instead focus on ourselves. We have the power to choose how we see ourselves and what we want to change. 

This process can lead to a new and exciting relationship with ourselves, where we can grow and evolve. Let's remember that we are here to express love and reconnect with our true selves.

If you want to achieve or possess something, learning and teaching it to others is the best way.

As the teacher, you have the opportunity to teach yourself what you want to learn.

As a student, keeping track of where your mind wanders is important.

The person you believe yourself to be; shapes the world you live in. Your mindset is the key factor in how you perceive yourself.

As the dreamer, you have the power to shape your life into what you desire.

You are the stories you believe in—self-explanatory.

You want a different outcome, script, etc.

The first step is to change the mindset that led to putting them there in the first place.

It's important to remember that our mindset shapes how we perceive ourselves and life.

We are constantly encountering ourselves and the world around us from this perspective.

Your Coach Dolby Dharma

It would be my pleasure to provide you with tools to assist you with your journey of self-discovery.

What is your biggest challenge?

What do you feel you need the most help with?

What do you wish you could be more comfortable with?

Where do you feel stuck?

Your feedback is valuable: Thank you for taking the time to share.

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